Marquis De Singe

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Marquis De Singe

Marquis De Singe.jpg

The deranged yet brilliant scientist, The Marquis De Singe
Home Island Flotsam Island
Species Human
Gender Male
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color White

"Once I have extracted his essence and perfected my elixir, the world will offer me all of the treasures in exchange!"

The Marquis De Singe is the second primary villain in Tales of Monkey Island. He is an aristocratic doctor/scientist with wild ambitions and conducts experiments on living creatures, including humans in order to capitalize on his longing to learn and control all the secrets to life itself and use them to acquire fame and fortune. Having been stranded on Flotsam Island on orders of King Louis for his inhumane experiments, De Singe lost his grip on reality even further and lusts to regain his lost fame and wealth through any means necessary. The individual who is ultimately controlling the odd winds of Flotsam Island through an ancient wind device, De Singe strands dozens of other pirates on the island with him in order to experiment on them and continue in his love of science.

When he first meets Guybrush Threepwood and the pox coursing through his hand and body, he develops plans to extract the pox and create an elixir to prolong his life to grant himself immortality and then sell his creation to others in exchange for massive amounts of wealth. After Guyrbush escapes the villain's initial attempts to experiment on him, De Singe hires the likes of Morgan Leflay, a notorious pirate hunter, to capture Threepwood and bring him back to him while he begins his operations of create the elixir that would pave the way for his future. As the game continues, De Singe's plans become much more violent and soon pose a threat to every pirate in the seven seas, making the mad doctor a prime threat throughout the events of Tales of Monkey Island.

Back Story

Former Court Physician to King Louis, he was the best scientist in all of France until he was accused of conducting inhumane cross-breading experiments with the Queen's poodles and was sent by the King to be exiled on the deserted Flotsam Island. After wandering the island, he discovered the ancient technology of the Vaycaylians and a large device used to create massive winds. By using this, ships would crash on Flotsam with nobody able to leave while the winds were directed towards the island. With the many people on the island, De Singe was able to further his scientific research by using the people as test subjects and amputating assorted body parts. De Singe soon constructed his own lab from the debris of various ships and other flotsam that washed ashore. As he ventured deeper into his experiments, he lost his grip on reality and his sanity as the years went by. (It is revealed that in spite of his craziness, he was able to teach Coronado De Cava's crew member, Santino, the manatee language using the language book and the Tongue of the Manatee before sending him off on a journey for La Esponja Grande with De Cava and his crew.)

Interestingly, De Singe reveals towards the end of the fourth chapter that he is not French. It is eventually confirmed by his voice actor that his French accent was a product of his insanity caused by spending so many years away from civilization and never being seen as a genius as he once was when he served on King Louis's court.[1]

Guybrush can distract De Singe by claiming to see one of the kings named Louis; the Marquis seems to be unsure as to which one he served under, claiming he thought Louis XII was dead and appearing mildly confused as to whether they've got as far as Louis XIV yet. If The Curse of Monkey Island takes place in 1687 (the year possibly on the verb coin[2]) the ruler the Marquis would most likely have known is Louis XIV, who ruled France from 1643 to 1715.

Role in Tales of Monkey Island

De Singe straps down Guybrush in order to amputate his hand.

After Guybrush Threepwood comes to his doorstep with his infected hand containing the Pox of LeChuck, De Singe suspects that the hand may contain the secret of life. Needing the hand for his experiments, he straps Guybrush down, injects the hand with grog anaesthetic and goes to sharpen his miniature guillotine. With the help of one of De Singe's simian test subjects, Jacques, Guybrush is able to free himself and escape the mad doctor.

Determined to get the hand off Guybrush, De Singe finds one of Morgan LeFlay's Fliers advertising her bounty hunting services and decides to hire her to hunt Guybrush down. In the meantime De Singe continues his plans to strand people on the island with his control of the winds. Guybrush succeeds in deactivating the wind machine and foiling De Singe's immediate plans, although De Singe swears vengeance, sending Morgan LeFlay after him. Morgan does eventually succeed in cutting Guybrush's hand off and brings it back to the mad scientist, but he later reveals that he must have Guybrush himself in order to continue his experiments. He then agrees to pay Morgan more money in exchange for her continued services.

During weeks of waiting for Guybrush's capture, De Singe extracts portions of the pox from Guybrush's severed hand and uses it to create an elixir, later dubbed as the "Jus de Vie". The doctor uses it on himself and the side effects not only include prolonged life, but rapid healing of any type of physical injury. At the same time, De Singe finds the means to revert the winds back to blowing inward, furthering his plans for experimentation on poxed pirates. None of them however yield the same results as Guybrush's pox and De Singe has no choice but to wait for Guybrush's capture. When Morgan finally brings Guybrush back to Flotsam, De Singe begins to finally put the rest of his plans in order until an angry mob of Flotsam citizens take Guybrush away to be held on trial for crimes they believe he has committed against them. De Singe orders Morgan to bring back his test subject, but Morgan, already filled with enough guilt over betraying Guybrush after the pair became close associates, refuses to aid De Singe anymore. The mad scientist eventually learns that Guybrush has already cured his pox, making him useless as a test subject.

With Guybrush no use to him anymore, De Singe sets his sights on Elaine, knowing that she has the perfect amount of the pox needed for his plans. De Singe then begins to manufacture machines in conjunction with unbreakable vacuum tubes to remotely manipulate the Wind Control Device on Flotsam Island to engineer it to use the wind to pulverize people into powder and spread them across the seas. After he has finished applying his machinery to all the ancient relics that control the Wind Machine, De Singe returns to his lab to find Morgan dying from her wounds inflicted by the Blade of Dragotta (which LeChuck had taken from her and used to stab her chest after overpowering her in an unseen fight) and blood all over the floor. Running away from the mess, De Singe is spotted by Guybrush as he is leaving his lab in a panic and is later (mistakenly) assumed by the pirate to be the cause of Morgan's murder upon discovering her, mutilated and trying to warn him about LeChuck with her dying whisper, which Guybrush doesn't seem to hear.

Recovering from his shock, De Singe attempts to abduct Elaine, but she proves to be too much for him, her nature becoming incredibly brutal due to the pox completely overtaking her. Nonetheless, De Singe is able to cleverly trap her right near the Wind Control Device and, shortly thereafter, Guybrush. De Singe reveals the full extent of his plans, explaining that even though he has created the Jus de Vie to prolong life he does not have enough to have complete immortality. Even if he were to drain Elaine dry of her pox, it would only lead to a few portions of the elixir. He then plans to use the Wind Control Device to pulverize Elaine to powder and spread her pox all over the seas in order to infect every pirate in the world with what he has termed the "Threepwood Strain of the Pox." When this happens, De Singe will have more than enough poxed pirates to experiment on and create an infinite amount of Jus de Vie to not only give himself immortality, but also make a fortune selling it to others.

In the meantime, De Singe has strapped Guybrush's poxed hand to a turban placed on his head, which is sucking the pox out of the hand, transferring it into the Jus de Vie, and giving De Singe immortality until he can spread Elaine's pox across the seas. As De Singe attempts to sedate Elaine, Guybrush is able to cleverly attract fireflies to De Singe's turban, which in turn attracts moths that eat away at the turban. De Singe goes into a state of panic as the moths completely devour the turban and cut off his supply of the Jus de Vie, causing all the wounds he suffered to catch up to him. The poxed hand, now free, then begins to move with De Singe trying to catch it. The hand leads De Singe in front of the Wind Control Device, with De Singe mere seconds away from death. As the doctor reaches for the hand, it pushes him into the Wind Device and turns it on, pulverizing De Singe to powder, ending his inhumane experiments once and for all.

The producers of the game state that after this event, two things could have essentially happened to De Singe. Either he ended up in the Crossroads before moving onto his appropriate place in the afterlife or the amounts of the Jus de Vie still in his body kept him alive even as he is nothing but powder and dust in the wind.[3] It is ultimately left up to each individual player to decide which fate is preferable.


De Singe's love for manufacturing bizarre contraptions and performing inhumane experiments make him a truly deadly villain.

While appearing harmless, the Marquis De Singe has a highly sadistic, power-hungry and egotistical edge. A scientist who became overly obsessed with his scientific experiments, De Singe will stop at nothing to use scientific research to further his agenda to gain recognition, wealth, and power. He sees others, from animals to humans, as nothing but subjects that can be experimented on, not caring for their well-being or life. Numerous pirates are maimed by this mad scientist and even Guybrush speculates that the skeleton in De Singe's office, which is eerily being used as a decoration, was one of his former patients.

De Singe's only love in life is science, having built his life and reputation around it, and despises those who would practice other arts such as voodoo, believing it to be a childish game for those who deny how the world works. Ironically, De Singe fails to realize that the elixir he yearns to create is based off a pox comprised completely of pure voodoo energy. The Marquis's logical thinking refuses to acknowledge the possibility that voodoo is legitimate. When Guybrush in the Voodoo Lady's body uses her tarot cards to summon De Singe and then to curse him, he cannot explain the former and is unwilling to believe that the latter is really the Voodoo Lady's doing, but brings her the book she requested to avoid any further contact with her.

De Singe sees little value in morality and ethics as they can often put a strain on his plans to discover all the secrets and riddles within life and only finds value in other living things through their use in his experiments. The Voodoo Lady herself comments that, "Men such as De Singe would destroy the entire spirit of the world to answer a few petty riddles". The nature of his experiments often involve extreme acts of violence and brutality as well as torture techniques in order to capitalize on his longing to control the secrets of immortality and life itself, proving the doctor to be an incredibly violent man, as long as the violence is for the sake of research. This is evident by De Singe's shock when he saw blood on the floor in his lab after Morgan Le Flay's murder at the hands of LeChuck, claiming that he was shocked not because of the implied act of extreme violence but because the blood was not packaged neatly in vials, a place he is so accustomed to seeing it in and where he believes it belongs.

Like many villains in the Monkey Island series, the doctor holds himself in extremely high regard and believes that he never gets the recognition he deserves. Ever since he was ordered to be exiled on Flotsam Island for performing inhumane crossbreeding experiments, an accusation he claims to be false, the Marquis becomes more determined than ever to break scientific achievements and show his worth and intellect to the world. While having a love for science, De Singe will never back down from an opportunity of using that same science to further his own desires to acquire wealth and power. One of the major plot points in Tales of Monkey Island revolved around De Singe's undying persistence to create an elixir based off LeChuck's voodoo powers to not only grant himself immortality, but to also sell it to others to acquire massive amounts of treasure and fame. De Singe's hunger for fame and lust for power is what sealed his fate, getting himself killed by the very same power he had hoped to obtain in order to sustain his life and pave the way for a glorious future.


De Singe is named after the Marquis de Sade, a French aristocrat, revolutionary, and writer, most famous for his bizarre novels that combined extreme licentiousness with criminality, violence and blasphemy. He spent 32 years of his life in insane asylums.

'Singe' is also French for 'monkey' (thus, Guybrush's pun on the name by calling him "De Monkey" in his final confrontation).


  • Throughout the entire game Guybrush (and Morgan, for that matter) can't seem to pronounce De Singe's name right, as it comes out as "deh SIHNJ", like the word "SIHN-jee" without the "ee". De Singe himself (as well as Joaquin D'Oro) pronounces his own name correctly as "deh SANJ" (with the short "a" sound in "apple"), while the Voodoo Lady and Hemlock McGee pronounce the name as "day SAHNJ" (with the "a" pronunciation in "father").
  • De Singe is one of the only characters in the series to use profanity. When Guybrush uses the U-Tube in his rifle, De Singe says "Sacré Merde" which can be literally translated to "Holy Shit" in French.
  • Also, there is another interjection in French: when De Singe fires the rifle at Elaine but she is unharmed, he shouts out, "Le Spectre de Grand César!", which means "Great Caesar's Ghost".
  • In De Singe's "laboratorium", Guybrush sees a "Desingeograph" of "Pirate Da Vinci's Vitruvian Pirate" on the Illuminopictoscreen while struggling to escape. This picture is a parody of Leonardo da Vinci's 1487 classic drawing, Vitruvian Man, which is based on the correlations of ideal human proportions with geometry described by the ancient Roman architect Vitruvius and accompanied by his notes.
  • In the PS3 version of "Launch of the Screaming Narwhal", Guybrush can listen through a lab door to De Singe treating a Flotsam Island resident whom Guybrush has punched in the nose, but after he starts a bar fight in Club 41, he can hear De Singe treat Hemlock McGee, and he can do the same with Joaquin D'Oro after helping him out on the Porcelain Power Pirate treasure hunt. When Guybrush knocks Reginald Van Winslow off the Screaming Narwhal, he can hear De Singe treat Winslow through the same door. Once he does this in the proper order, the reward is "The Sounds of Science" bronze trophy (which is a spoof on the song "The Sounds of Silence") in the "PlayStation Network Trophy Achievements". In "Lair of the Leviathan", if Guybrush (as the Voodoo Lady) tries every tarot card combination on De Singe, the reward is the "What a Card" silver trophy; in "The Trial and Execution of Guybrush Threepwood", the player earns the "Push ze Buttons of SCIENCE!" bronze trophy if he has Guybrush push all four buttons on De Singe's Auto-Trepanation Helmet, and if Guybrush manages to defeat De Singe near the Vaycaylian Wind Control Device prior to tossing La Esponja Grande into it and then suffering death at the hands of LeChuck, the reward is a gold trophy labeled "Adieu, Adieu..." In "Rise of the Pirate God", if Guybrush asks Morgan LeFlay if it wasn't De Singe who killed her, the reward is a "Say What?" bronze trophy.


Voice actor


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