Morgan LeFlay

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Morgan LeFlay

Morgan Leflay Pirate Hunter.png

The deadly, yet beautiful, pirate hunter Morgan Leflay
Home Island Unknown
Species Human
Gender Female
Eye Color Olive
Hair Color Brown
Relative(s) Uncle Jugbender

"Well, allow me to introduce myself. I am Morgan LeFlay, mighty pirate hunter. My name is feared throughout seven seas. I've taken down some of most hardened, grog guzzling scumbags from here to Zanziba. It's an honor to finally face-off against the legendary Guybrush Threepwood."

Morgan LeFlay, Mighty Pirate HunterTM, often known simply as LeFlay and nicknamed Mo by Guybrush, is a renowned mercenary and pirate hunter who is hired by the Marquis De Singe to capture Guybrush Threepwood for his sadistic experiments and vicious plans. Having felt the blunt of betrayal and deception previously by pirates, Morgan trained herself to become the most ruthless pirate hunter throughout the Seven Seas as a way of not only defending herself from further treachery, but to make a great living taking down individuals who previously hurt her. She is known to be a huge fan of Guybrush Threepwood, having followed his career for her whole life and even using the pirate as a source of inspiration to become the best pirate hunter ever known to the seas. While she idolises him, she is initially more dedicated to her job and will not hesitate to strike him down if it is part of her current contract.

Despite this, she is quite principled, refusing to kill anyone unless she is being paid for it and even feels guilty for several of her previous targets, none the least which is Guybrush Threepwood himself. At first, she serves as a secondary villain and antagonist, but then soon becomes a trusted ally and a good friend for Guybrush to depend on as they are forced to collaborate with each other in order to escape several dangerous situations. The young pirate hunter's crush on Guybrush would eventually blossom into genuine, romantic feelings despite the fact that Guybrush's love interest remains Elaine Marley. Morgan would eventually become a pivotal player in taking down the nefarious plans of LeChuck, who not only ends up murdering her, but begins to conquer the seas through the use of La Esponja Grande. In the end, her partnership with Guybrush ends up saving countless lives and sparing the Caribbean from the wrath of LeChuck once again.


Early Life

Though little is known about Morgan's early life, it is known that she was taught the art of swordfighting by swordtrainer Dante Dragotta. She also owned a pet named Gomez, known to be her favourite pet. Her first love was someone by the name of Gustavo, whose name she had tattooed on her right arm (the tattoo reading 'Gus'). The exact circumstances and events that led to her career in pirate hunting are unknown.

Life as a Pirate Hunter

As a pirate hunter, Morgan killed dozens of pirates "from here to Zanzibar" with her trusty Blade of Dragotta. Some of her victims include Gideon Gimpleg, Prince Hipolito de Toro, and her boyfriend Gustavo. Her dream was always to find and hunt the famous Guybrush Threepwood.

Pursuit of Guybrush Threepwood

Morgan has fliers to advertise her services, at least one of which is blown to Flotsam Island. Guybrush finds the flier when he washes up on the island, and later it passes to the Marquis De Singe, who then hires her to kill Guybrush and bring back his pox-infested hand. Morgan secretly boards the Screaming Narwhal using a grappling hook, ties up Winslow in the crew quarters, and manages to catch Guybrush completely by surprise while he is watching Elaine and LeChuck through a spyglass.

After introducing herself, she cuts off his cursed hand, and then happily engages him in heavy (non-insult) sword combat. She proves to be Guybrush's equal in skill, knowing all of his moves. However, Guybrush is able to catapult her over the side of the boat, though she is still able to escape with the hand and deliver it to De Singe. De Singe then re-hires her to recover the rest of Guybrush, alive. She demands that he triple her payment; he offers to quadruple it if she succeeds. She sneaks aboard the Screaming Narwhal again, taking Winslow as a hostage. However, before she can capture Guybrush, the entire ship is swallowed by a giant manatee, along with Morgan.

Inside the manatee's body, Morgan (now referred to as "Mo" by Guybrush) aids Guybrush in repairing the manatee's missing cochlea, as it's the only way they'll be able to escape. She poses as Guybrush's wife in order to gain the trust of Coronado De Cava, and supports Guybrush as best she can in duping the Democratically United Brotherhood of the Manatee Interior. Once they escape, it seems Morgan has developed feelings for Guybrush, although Guybrush's devotion to his real wife frustrates Morgan, and she knocks him out before sailing back to Flotsam Island to claim her bounty.
Morgan's death soon after her brutal defeat at LeChuck's hand


After selling Guybrush out, Morgan becomes morose and does nothing but sulk at Club 41 until Guybrush's name is cleared and she is attacked by a Pox-riddled Elaine. Morgan later tries to redeem herself by recovering Guybrush's hand from De Singe's lab, but she is fatally stabbed in an unseen struggle with LeChuck. Guybrush finds her on the brink of death, but fails to understand her final message and believes that it was De Singe who killed her. Guybrush promises to avenge her and sees De Singe to his demise, before being killed himself by LeChuck.

Life as a Ghost

In the Crossroads of the afterlife, Guybrush meets a depressed Morgan, who reveals that it was LeChuck who killed her. Morgan feels her whole life has been meaningless and she is utterly worthless, but Guybrush brings her to her senses by battling her (along with a deceased member of McGillicutty's crew) in an insult sword fight. She temporarily becomes the guardian of the pirate swordfighting afterlife, battling other spirits who pass through and beating them all. When Guybrush tries to cast a voodoo spell to get back to the land of the living, Morgan sacrifices the one thing most important to her, her reputation, in order to help him.

During Guybrush's final battle with LeChuck, Morgan attacks LeChuck with her ghostly sword when he tries to pursue Guybrush into the Crossroads; this, however, causes LeChuck to push her away from him. While LeChuck is thus distracted, Guybrush closes the rift between the worlds, trapping LeChuck and allowing her to stab him again while Elaine simultaneously attacks him in the living world with the Cursed Cutlass of Kaflu, resulting in his apparent destruction; Morgan vanishes as well. Some time later, a ghostly Morgan visits the Voodoo Lady with the screaming spectral remains of LeChuck (which she keeps in a jar). In exchange, the Voodoo Lady allows her spirit to return to the land of the living, as Morgan LeFlay, Ghost Pirate Hunter.


By the time of the Tales of Monkey Island, Morgan had developed an unmatched fighting skill and style and a notorious reputation as a cruel and cutthroat pirate hunter. While Morgan seems incredibly tough and brutal, she is actually a beautiful, intelligent, and resourceful young woman who has been deeply hurt many times in her past. This causes Morgan to become a pirate hunter to exact revenge on those who hurt her and to cope with the pain of being alone as a result of betrayal. Despite having killed a considerable amount of people, she operates under her own code in which she would never kill anyone unless she is being paid to do so (with the possible exception of her first boyfriend Gustavo).

While Morgan enjoys her occupation as it allows her to build up a reputation as one of the greatest pirate hunters of all time, there have been times where she feels guilty over her actions and believes that her profession can be a bittersweet one. This hints that she may have killed several people she did not want to, but was obliged to do so due to her code. This and her loneliness contribute to Morgan's more sweet and innocent side. Her softer side is shown nearly right away when she first meets Guybrush for the the first time, where she displays her more carefree nature. She is shown to be something of a fan girl of Guybrush and her behavior around him when she first meets him mirrors that of a typical teenage crush on a celebrity, to the point of Morgan asking for Guybrush's autograph. She feels honoured when he duels her in a sword fight, having seen him as her hero and idol throughout her years of training, and is very impressed by his considerable skill and resourcefulness, which leads to his victory in the duel.

Over the course of the series, Morgan discovers that Guybrush is not the brutal pirate she thought he was, causing her to lose respect for him, but soon realizes that even though he is a nice and innocent man, he still overcomes great obstacles and achieves his goals. His resourcefulness and kind disposition to her cause Morgan's crush on him to develop into genuine romantic feelings for him, similar to Elaine before her. Nonetheless, when Morgan sees just how much Guybrush loves Elaine, she betrays him and hands him over to the Marquis De Singe. This action torments Morgan to no end with an incredible feeling of guilt and depression. She ultimately sacrifices herself to try to retrieve Guybrush's hand from De Singe and is brutally murdered by LeChuck, the only person who was ever able to defeat her purely through skill.

Her defeat utterly humiliates her and causes her to lose all her confidence. While in the Crossroads, she apologises to Guybrush over her betrayal after he helps her regain her confidence and even helps him return from the afterlife. At this point, the pair have become close friends and, together with Elaine, destroy LeChuck once and for all. Ultimately, Morgan is a sweet and beautiful woman who becomes a pirate hunter to harden herself, but underneath, she is a young woman scarred by emotional pain and yearns to be with somebody who truly cares for her. In the end, she falls in love with Guybrush, but becomes a trusted friend of his when she sees and respects just how much he cares for Elaine.


LeFlay's name is derived from Morgan le Fay, a prominent character and villainess in the legends of King Arthur, as well as the word flay, which means to remove the skin as if by whipping.

Known Victims

Name Payment Fate
Gustavo (ex-boyfriend) Free - personal Probably Killed
Guybrush Threepwood 30,000 pieces of silver Captured, injured.
Gideon Gimpleg 300 pieces of silver Probably Killed
Prince Hipolito de Toro 10,000 pieces of silver Probably Killed. Morgan used this fee to buy her ship, The Knave of Toro.


  • Morgan's name refers to Morgan le Fay (alternatively Morgana), the cousin of King Arthur and Merlin's apprentice and lover who later torments and tests Arthur and his knights.
  • Morgan is able to hold her breath for a five-minute period (half of Guybrush's record).
  • Many pirates on Flotsam have heard of Morgan and tell tales of her brutality, but they all seem to think 'Morgan' is a man.
  • It is revealed that Morgan has a fondness for cute parrots. If the player has Guybrush show the Pyrite Parrot to her, she'll say that she will keep it as a souvenir once she's done with him.
  • Morgan may speak monkey language, though not fluently; as she is dying, she says she found Jacques the monkey while she was out to retrieve Guybrush's hand, but can only make out the words "He told me...", which can indicate that Jacques alerted her of LeChuck's presence in the lab.
  • Morgan's appearance marks the first female antagonist in the series.
  • Morgan was nominated for and won 'Best New Character' in the 2009 Nintendo Power Awards.[1]
  • In the PS3 version of the game, if the player has Guybrush show Morgan's flier to everyone on Flotsam Island in Chapter 1, the reward is a silver trophy called "The Legend of LeFlay" in the "PlayStation Network Trophy Achievements"; if Guybrush can make Morgan angry by repeatedly looking at the mast of the Screaming Narwhal in Chapter 2, the reward is the "She's Cute When She's Angry" bronze trophy, and getting her off the ship will reward the player with the "Give Her a Hand" silver trophy. Also, when Guybrush uses his hook to replace his lost hand, the player can try to threaten her with it (along with the other enemies in some places) to get rewarded with a "Talk to the Hook" bronze trophy. And in Chapter 5, further asking her if it wasn't the Marquis De Singe who killed her and what the most important thing to her was when she was alive (probably her "independence") earns the player a "Say What?" bronze trophy and the "Morgan's Secret" silver trophy. Also, after a scene when she helps Guybrush open up a rip in the Crossroads, the reward is a silver trophy labeled "All Roads Lead to LeChuck" (spoof of the idiom "All roads lead to Rome"); when Guybrush manages to defeat LeChuck with help from her and Elaine, the reward is the final gold trophy labeled "Fall of the Pirate God"; and after a scene when Morgan hands LeChuck's remains to the Voodoo Lady for some purpose, the automatic reward is the final silver trophy (and the very last trophy of all), which is labeled, "A Credit to Pirates Everywhere".

Memorable Quotes

  • "Guybrush Threepwood. I've been waiting a long time for this!"
  • "I don't need wit to carve a bloody hole in your chest!"
  • (to Guybrush) "Went to get your hand... Had to pay you back for all the trouble... Found Jacques... He told me... He told me..."
  • (explains her last words to Guybrush) "Don't trust LeChuck. He's hypnotized a bunch of monkeys, and ran me through with my own blade."


Voice actor

Actor Games
Nikki Rapp Tales of Monkey Island (2009)

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