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The Spoon Isle Trio of Captain McGillicutty's henchmen in Chapter 2 (from left: Pirates Ted (Treasure Hunter), Bill (Swordfighter), and Kevin (Thief)).

The Spoon Isle Trio are a group of the three henchmen of Captain McGillicutty: Pirates Bill, Ted, and Kevin. They make their first appearance on Spoon Isle in their attempt to steal the Summoning Artifacts.


Little is known about their lives or their origins, except that they joined McGillicutty's crew along with Killick Hardtack and Murkel Trenchfoot. Together, McGillicutty and his crew would often "accidentally" spill a few barrels of spoiled Grog on the waters of Spinner Cay, polluting them; and he would often threaten them with death if they didn't obey his orders. By the start of Tales of Monkey Island, the Pox of LeChuck arrived and infected McGillicutty and his crew. They all seemed to like their monstrous new demonic voodoo powers the Pox gave them, so McGillicutty decided to use the Pox to make him and his crew the most fearsome pirates in the seas and become rich in their upgraded abilities in pillaging and plundering; so he started having his crew search for the Summoning Artifacts so that he could destroy La Esponja Grande later.

Pirate Bill (Swordfighter)

The Swordfighter (Pirate Bill)


Pirate Bill the Swordfighter in Chapter 5.
Home Island
Species Human
Gender Male
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Brown

Pirate Bill seems to be quite the leader of the Spoon Isle Trio in that he is a trusty fighter and is quite skilled in punching and sword fighting. He is probably known to be McGillicutty's most loyal henchman. When Bill and his two other crew members have heard that LeChuck has become human and is searching for one of the Summoning Artifacts on Spoon Isle, they first arrive there, and Bill watches from the jungle as LeChuck takes the Wise Turtle Artifact from the altar on the cliff (with help from Guybrush Threepwood, of course). He believes LeChuck has the artifact and decides that if he takes it from LeChuck, McGillicutty would make the former first in command, and "might even let [him] eat this week".

By the time that Bill gathers his other two crew members, Guybrush has already left for Spinner Cay with the artifact that LeChuck has given to him (along with the two other Summoning Artifacts), before the trio confronts LeChuck at the time of the ongoing siege. When Guybrush returns to Spoon Isle, he soon discovers that the trio want the Wise Turtle Artifact before they can let LeChuck leave. Getting an idea, Guybrush uses the Vaycaylian barbecue to melt the Pyrite Parrot and dump the melted pyrite onto the altar from atop the cliff; the pyrite soon forms into a fake turtle artifact, which he then takes from the altar and uses on LeChuck to trick them into believing he has the real artifact, and after some ongoing scuffle, they run off with the fake artifact.

It is believed that the trio have sent the fake artifact to an unaware McGillicutty, and, upon learning of his death, decide to start their own swashbuckling crew on Spoon Isle. After the cure of the Pox, LeChuck, who has regained his voodoo powers, returns to the island. In the midst of the onslaught of the trio, he takes the sword from Bill, gives him a quick decapitation, and "asks him to hold the sword for him" by thrusting it into his head. When Bill's spirit (who has now gained his Swordfighter status) arrives at the Crossroads (with the sword still in his head), he finds that the spirit of Morgan LeFlay has already arrived at the Swordfight path first, and he tries encouraging her by Insult Swordfighting, but she is still depressed ever since she got killed by LeChuck while trying to recover Guybrush's Poxed hand in her chance to redeem herself.

When Guybrush, yet another one of LeChuck's victims, arrives, he ignores the Swordfighter while trying to console her, only to discover that he had misunderstood and ignored her warnings about LeChuck, which led him to mistakenly believe that the Marquis De Singe had killed her (Guybrush's mind had become too clouded to concentrate on LeChuck's villainous deeds thanks to the voodoo trust artifact he had worn when he was human up to the time of Guybrush's demise). In order to win her trust back, he takes the sword from the Swordfighter's head and challenges them both in a duel, using clever wits to encourage Morgan and insult the Swordfighter at the same time. Once she gets her courage back, she defeats the Swordfighter, who becomes impressed and allows her to become the guardian before he takes his head and vanishes, presumably "to battle on the endless seas of Davey Jones' locker".

He is voiced by Brian Sommer in Chapter 2, and by Andrew Chaikin in Chapter 5.

Pirate Ted (Treasure Hunter)

The Treasure Hunter (Pirate Ted)


Pirate Ted the Treasure Hunter in Chapter 5.
Home Island
Species Human
Gender Male
Eye Color Amber
Hair Color Dark Brown

Pirate Ted is another member of the Spoon Isle Trio, who wears a red fez and is often good at treasure hunting and fistfighting in spite of his status as thief. He is probably known to have met a saleman called Smilin' Stan S. Stanman prior to the events of Tales of Monkey Island. Ted and the other two members have discovered that the human LeChuck is collecting the Wise Turtle Artifact on Spoon Isle (which is a "nice place" with "lots of fish" in the Fishing Well), and they believe they can "make [their] reps by giving him a good pirate thrashing" for the artifact. Fortunately, Guybrush cleverly creates a makeshift turtle artifact out of the Pyrite Parrot and tricks Ted and his other crew members into believing that LeChuck has the real artifact, and they run off with the fake artifact after fighting him (though Ted later claims that he "got in a good left hook or two before [LeChuck] got away").

After McGillicutty's demise, Ted and the other two members regroup together and start up their own little swashbuckling crew back on Spoon Isle. It is said that they are in the middle of "procuring" a suitable ship for pirating when they are cured of the Pox of LeChuck, and they seem to be very glad at their miracle cure. Not long after that, LeChuck returns to Spoon Isle after having regained his voodoo powers and killed Guybrush, and, in the midst of the onslaught, kills Ted by blasting a hole in his stomach, liver, lungs and kidneys with one of the Hungarian Easy-Action Cannons. Afterwards, he arrives at the Crossroads, where Galeb shows him onto the path as a Treasure Hunter (he later recalls that Galeb "told [him] his name was Squinky").

Later on, when Guybrush's spirit arrives, he is surprised to find Ted on the Treasure Hunt path with a hole in his stomach, and the Treasure Hunter tells Guybrush that there's treasure under each and every X. When our hero digs up the X's, he is surprised to find that there is an endless supply of the tiny pyrite parrots (the result of De Singe's anatomization of the parrot in the Vaycaylian Wind Control Device in the Flotsam Jungle), and he finds that they can be useful later in the Diet of the Senses when he gets back in his own body. Besides that, he takes one of the crossbones on the treasure hunt sign for Franklin the Dog, and distracts the Treasure Hunter into showing him how the treasure hunt works, leaving Guybrush free to take the jeweled anchor (which is an "authentic scale replica of the anchor to the Mad Monkey") for use in the Crossroads exit spell.

One gravestone next to Noogie's and Santino's cenotaph in the Gateway of the Crossroads states:

Here lies Ted, a pirate thief.
He punched LeChuck and earned his grief.

This gravestone (though noted as "Ted 'The Thief' Thiefman") may belong to the same Pirate Ted of the Spoon Isle Trio.

Treasure Hunter Ted is voiced by Chaikin (then known as Kid Beyond) in Chapter 2, and by Sommer in Chapter 5 (though the Treasure Hunter appears in the end credits to Chapter 2, he is missing from the end credits to Chapter 5, though Sommer's other characters, W.P. Grindstump and Rockrib, do appear).

Pirate Kevin (Thief)

The Thief (Pirate Kevin)


Pirate Kevin the Thief in Chapter 5.
Home Island
Species Human
Gender Male
Eye Color Gray
Hair Color Black

Pirate Kevin is another member of the Spoon Isle Trio who talks in a Southern-drawl accent, wears glasses, and has an unusually braided Afro-like hair. He has quite some backstory on how he was a thief under Captain McGillicutty, stealing items from unsuspecting pirates, along with "pickpocketing, lock picking, safecracking and creating artificial buying pressure for a generally low-trading volume issuer in the over-the-counter securities market." One time he stole a golden globe from the pocket of one Betsy Bilgewater (though trying to steal a kiss from her got him "a swift kick to the buoys"); the other time, he was running a con on one Deadeye Drake and attempting to get at his collection of golden cannonballs when Drake asked if he could ship his chair "back home" for 300 pieces of eight. Another time Kevin stole a skull and crossbones rug from Captain Blood Beard after his group betrayed him and made him walk the plank from the crow's nest. Oftentimes Kevin would steal sextants, urns, scrolls, peg-legs, and other items without anyone else's noticing.

When Kevin and the other two members get infected by the Pox, they have discovered that the human LeChuck is collecting the Wise Turtle Artifact on Spoon Isle, so they believe they can get their reputation by attacking LeChuck for the artifact. Fortunately, Guybrush cleverly creates a makeshift turtle artifact out of the Pyrite Parrot and tricks Kevin and the others into getting it and running off with it after their scuffle with LeChuck. After hearing of McGillicutty's demise, Kevin and the other two members regroup together and start their own little swashbuckling crew back on Spoon Isle.

After the cure of the Pox, LeChuck, who has regained his voodoo powers, returns and, in the midst of the onslaught, cuts off Kevin's hands before using his finishing move on him. As a result, Kevin and the other two arrive at the Crossroads, though he is separated from the others, which explains why his tombstone has appeared when he arrives at the Thieves' Den. Though he has no hands, he can still use thievery skills like lifting a wallet with his teeth, cracking a safe with his toes, and looting an entire treasure hold using his "cheeks".

When Guybrush first arrives as a disembodied spirit, Kevin allows him to look around for all these stolen items (including Guybrush's autographed sextants). He even shows Guybrush LeChuck's old sock while telling a story about how the thief (probably the same Pirate Kevin) stole it from off LeChuck's foot without being noticed (and ended up in the Crossroads with the sock in his fist); and allows Guybrush to take it. He can also trick Kevin into looking around, but when Guybrush steals any of the various prizes, Kevin escorts him out and steals them back without warning.

When Guybrush returns and asks him to unlock the treasure chest that has the Crossroads Exit spell, Kevin immediately opens the chest during the conversation, steals the spell, and kicks it onto the pile of scrolls. Guybrush discovers the trick and manages to make him look around again while he sends Franklin (whom Guybrush had befriended earlier) into the scroll pile to look for the spell. As our hero takes the prizes from the other pile and gets escorted out, Franklin runs off with the spell. Once Guybrush finally reclaims the spell, he can return and ask Kevin for some help in finding the ingredients. Later, when the Crossroads are opened, Guybrush can ask him if he notices any rips in there; surprisingly, the Thieves' Den is the only place without a rip in the Crossroads.

Later on, Guybrush returns yet again, this time in his own body, and asks the Thief for help on finding the ingredients on how to shrink La Esponja Grande, and the latter says that he has one of them, which is a box of secrets that he has kept in his den and which must be shared with those he trusts; he doesn't think he can trust Guybrush (who can accidentally blurt out secrets). However, Guybrush is able to win him over with the voodoo trust charm that LeChuck no longer needs anymore, and Kevin is convinced enough to allow him to take the Secret in exchange for the charm.

Pirate Kevin is voiced by Jared Emerson-Johnson, the same actor who also voices De Singe.


  • In Chapter 2, the voices of the Spoon Isle Trio are very rough and menacing; yet in Chapter 5, the same Pirate Bill that was rough-voiced is now moderately low-pitched with pirate-speak; the same Pirate Ted that sounded like Trenchfoot now has an Irish accent; and the same Pirate Kevin that spoke in a British accent now sounds like a redneck who speaks in a low-voiced Southern drawl and only addresses to Guybrush as "friend".
  • According to Mark Darin of Telltale Games, the Spoon Isle Trio were originally "nondescript pirates" in Chapter 2 who "weren't really intended to come back" in Chapter 5; but while he was working on said chapter, he realized that he needed more characters in the Crossroads "than our modeling budget allowed", so he decided to make good use of the characters by writing more backstory for the trio. When Telltale recorded the trio for Chapter 5, "their expanded roles weren't quite what we wanted from the original cast. And I think at least 1 actor was not available to return. Ultimately we made the decision to recast, opting to forgo [sic] the previous 'bit' performances for ones that made sense for the expanded roles in the episode." This may explain why the voices for the trio in Chapter 5 are different and switched over from the ones in Chapter 2.[1]
  • When the spirits of the Spoon Isle Trio arrive at the Crossroads, they end up with marks and scars that have been carried over from LeChuck's battle in the living world. However, when Guybrush and Morgan arrive, they appear to have been whole and undamaged with no wound marks on their chests when they had been stabbed by LeChuck. What's even peculiar is that Guybrush's left hand appears to have been back in its normal state in his ghostly self, even though Morgan had cut it off and he had to replace it with his hook while he was still alive before getting stabbed by LeChuck.
  • At least the pirates of the Spoon Isle Trio have names in the end credits of Chapter 2; in Chapter 5, they are only referred to as their status even in the end credits.
  • In the PS3 version of "The Siege of Spinner Cay", Guybrush can threaten the Spoon Isle Trio (along with Morgan, Hardtack, and McGillicutty) with the hook in order to get the "Talk to the Hook" bronze trophy (a spoof on the idiom "Talk to the hand") in the PlayStation Network Trophy Achievements. In "Rise of the Pirate God", Guybrush can look at the grave of Ted (one of the Spoon Isle Trio members) along with the other graves in the Crossroads Gateway to earn the player a "Grave Ribber" bronze trophy (a spoof on the words "grave robber").



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