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According to IMDB he is working again, he has performed in the game Crysis (2007).He runs a blog about cooking here: He has also written a review of Guitar Hero at Idle Thumbs:

Dominic has now voiced Guybrush in all episodes of the franchise!

I have just realised after completing Monkey Island 2 Special Edition that Dominic has voiced Guybrush for the entire series! It will be a shame in The Curse of Monkey Island remake (if there will be one) if Dominic doesn't get to re-voice Guybrush. TBH Monkey 3 doesn't remade but I would like LucasArts to remake the rest of the franchise so we get the most recent version of the game, no point in remaking the series if you're only going to stop half-way. I hope LucasArts sees this and I bet they are already behind the revamp of Monkey 3.

--Threepwood46 22:39, 8 July 2010 (EDT)