The Spitting Contest

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The Spitting Contest is a game located in a field in Ville de la Booty on Booty Island. It is presided over by the Spitmaster (voiced by James Arnold Taylor in Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck's Revenge), a fast-talking bare-footed expert on expectoration. The field is a rectangle of grass lawn with first, second and third place marked with white chalk. Only by achieving first place can a contestant win a prize, which is a spit-marked plaque.

If Guybrush can distract the Spitmaster, he can shift the flags one spot nearer to make the contest easier. He can make his spit fly farther by drinking a Phlegm and Tonic (a green drink made by mixing a Blue Whale and a Yellow Beard's Baby) and by timing his spit with the blowing wind.