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Brittany works behind the counter

Brittany is a supporting character in Escape from Monkey Island. She works as a bank teller at the Second Bank of Lucre on Lucre Island. After she lets Guybrush into the vault so he can examine the Marley family heirlooms and Pegnose Pete robs the bank, she is sacked by Mr. Quidworth, the bank manager. This isn't a problem for her, as now she's free to pursue her dream of getting into show business. She can thereafter be found wandering around Lucre Town.

One of the chess players, Castaneda, has a crush on her, although he is too devoted to chess to act on it.

Brittany's character is a bubbly airhead, and combined with her desire to get into show business and lack of any skills or experience, this makes her a fairly obvious parody of Britney Spears.[1]

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